Monday, 1 March 2010

Mothers know best

OK, so Christmas seems like a while ago now, but i'm still in love with my presents :) My mom got me a Liz Earle set for teenagers, its basically loads of posh face washes and stuff. But they seriously work! They don't test on animals and all the ingredients are natural and organic. They try not to use preservatives but if they need to, they are natural and not very strong. This means that its suitable for all types of skin, and you know whats going on to your skin. Unlike most organic products, they smell gorgeous, not musty and disgusting! If i have a break out, it is usually gone after 3 days of using this products. I need to warn you, they're expensive! But even the test pots last for ages! In the teenage gift set, you get a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, a blemish stick and a muslin cloth, they all come in a cute little toiletries bag and whilst its probably not big enough for some beauty addicts, its perfect to fit your Liz Earle products in. I seriously recommend getting these products, you can find them HERE.
I know for many £23.00 really is pushing it price wise, and the bottles are very small, but it really is worth trying. So i think its time to beg the parents! :) What do you have to lose? If you do buy it, let me know how you get on :)

Emily x 

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