Friday, 30 April 2010

Memories last forever.

I was doing my usual search through net a porter, where i drool over all the gorgeous things i will never be able to afford and came across a gorgeous new dress by Alice + Olivia,

ok so its a bit over the top but i couldn't help but fall in love!
Its also really expensive at £485, but a girl can dream :)

Also, i can never be bothered to update my itunes so i spend most of my time listening to songs on youtube. I completely forgot all about this song, and im so happy i've seen it again. I love the video cos Beyonce looks gorgeous, she's wearing really fresh and light make up and the camera shots are so untouched and different.
I hope you like it too. I cant believe its been so long since i last blogged but I've been busy :) 
Time for some more art! Emily x