Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I cant stand the rain in July

Im doing an outfit post cos i realised, i've never done one with pictures of myself! You cant laugh at my poor attempt to pose, and my lack of height :) I had a dress for my stepbrothers wedding last year, and i've only worn it once or twice, so i really wanted to find a way to make it look like a new outfit. So im using it for my FIRST outfit post!
So outfit one:
The dress and the bag are from NewLook, and the shoes are from Dorothy Perkins. It took me ages to find shoes and a bag that could match but i finally found them! The dress is from one of the boutiques that NewLook have started franchising and athough i dont normally like crotched embellishment, i think theres just the right amount on this dress.

Outfit Two:

OK so the denim shirt is Levi's from a vintage shop and only cost me £18 and the worker boots i got off a friend for £10, I've already worn this to the pub for lunch and its easy to wear when im not feeling my best :)
if you wanted to make it look more dressed up, you could add some fishnet hold ups or wooly tights and small heels.

speaking of heels, check my new babies out! They're from Internacionale and they were £19 and i love them! I really needed some plain black heels and i found the perfect pair. I havent really seen any that are both classic and edgy and im so happy that i got these ones!

I'm addicted to having baths atm, and with a bath like mine, who wouldnt?
Only thing thats missing, is the millions of candles i normally have and the big pile of bubbles :')

And finally, Song of the day is... Drake- July
Just listen to it, yeah?

OH OH OH! before i forget, My bezzie mate Vish the Fish has just got a blog and its reeeealllyyy good.
You cand find it HERE! and Sarah from my school also has a blog and i really love hers too! You can find Sarahs HERE! Theres too much to say about them both but they're definatly worth a visit.

Till next time kids,
Emily x

I kept my fingers crossed

So study leave is here, and there is no chance i'll have the patience to do many posts so im going to do a reeeeallllyyyy long one today. Ok, summers almost here, well looking out the window right now, it is here, but yeah :) My mom gave me £200 the other day to buy lots of new clothes. Why? well, its a long story but i threw away most of my floordrobe and now i only have one drawer of clothes- yes im dying. So i did some shopping online and im going to show you all of my must haves for the summer.

I'm not going to write about them all cos frankly, i cant be bothered. But i just love the naughtical them of these shorts and the slouchy vest top in navy. Its so comfy and the more you wear it, the comfier it gets! Also, i really really really want a pair of high waisted jeans, i know they arent really in fashion anymore, but they just look so comfy! I also like the idea of wearing underwear as clothes, like the satin skirt or the yellow blouse, i think silky, chiffon fabrics are so good for summer!

I'm running out of things to do atm to distract me from revision but i'm definatly considering scrapbooking or making a chipboard full of photos and momentos because im not so sure my memory box is big enough anymore!

Also, My favourite song at the moment is Hurtful by Erik Hassle, hence the title of this post.
Have a listen yeah?

(the one who played jesse in Gilmore Girls?! i'm a bit of a freak when it comes to my love for that programme :'))

OK, im officially going to do some work now cos i have nothing more to ramble on about :')
I'll do another post later for a few of my friends who have just started their own blogs, lets see if we can get them a few more followers :)

Emily x

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Music is my life.

Such a cliched title, but its true. I was brought up with my dad in and out of bands, i could sing and dance before i could walk. Its in my blood. I've just heard this song by beyonce, i have to say, im in love with her music atm.
as well as hellogoodbye. Im not going to post anything else for a while, as im up to my neck in work.
but heres the video:
Why dont you love me?- Beyonce.