Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Music is my life.

Such a cliched title, but its true. I was brought up with my dad in and out of bands, i could sing and dance before i could walk. Its in my blood. I've just heard this song by beyonce, i have to say, im in love with her music atm.
as well as hellogoodbye. Im not going to post anything else for a while, as im up to my neck in work.
but heres the video:
Why dont you love me?- Beyonce. 


  1. love that song! & cute blog - I especially like your black maxi dress outfit post :)




  2. Yes, I love love love white walls! Sometimes magnolia and sometimes cream, but mostly white :)
    Haha, I'm sowwwwy, Emily :( Be good and revise for your exams - then you can blog to your heart's content.

    "Why don't you love me?"
    I LOVE YOU LOTS, EMILY! And Beyonce's cool, too, I guess. Ciao bella, I'll hopefully see you tomorrow when you're in school? xxx